Monday, October 18, 2004

News of the TPE World October 18th, 2004

Album listened to this morning:
Budapest One This Town Just Gave You a Dreamer

Played 1.5 games of kickball yesterday in some of the best weather we've had in months. It was partly sunny, but mostly cloudy and windy. It felt like being in an outdoor scene from a Wes Anderson movie (especially Bottle Rocket and Rushmore).

Speaking of Wes Anderson, his next film, The Life Aquatic is scheduled to be released in America on December 25th. As much as I was complaining earlier last week about going out to the movies, this is a film I will definitely see in a theater first.

Fred Armisen is on the cover of Punk Planet #46. You may know him best from being a regular on Saturday Night Live and as Fericito on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Late World With Zach and I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. He was also in a Chicago-based band Trenchmouth that I know that Q and Not U often list them as a big influence. Shall be a very good read.

Also in Punk Planet #46, there is an interview with J. Robbins, so I will be looking for this at a local bookstore maybe as soon as tonight or tomorrow. J. is in a new band called Channels and they have an EP called Open out on DeSoto Records. Highly recommended listening.

Law of Inertia #21 will be out next week with the Dillinger Escape Plan on the cover along with features on Sparta, Ian MacKaye and Steve Albini. Another magazine I'll be picking up.

Finally, I don't have a ship date for this but the next Big Takeover will probably be out later this year. Reportedly, there are interviews with the surviving members of the MC5, Mr. Brett and Greg Graffin from Bad Religion, among many others. Always a good read.

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