Movie Monster

Last night was another nice double-feature at the Cavern. Chris was DJing upstairs and I Love Math, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and SOUND team played downstairs. Definitely a great deal at only $8 a head.

The name I Love Math may sound like either a silly Weezer-like pop band or a really mathy post-rock band. Well, their sound is neither. Featuring John Dufilho and Jason Garner from the Deathray Davies and Philip Peeples from the Old '97s, this is stripped-down acoustic rock that is light and fun, but not really all that great to me. That said, I think it's always great to see John perform; always an energetic performer even if he's sitting down.

The name Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin sounds very familiar to me: they recently signed with Polyvinyl Records. I really enjoyed their set even though I mistook them for a local high school band. (Well, they looked like one.) I definitely heard some strands of poppy post-hardcore with these guys but they had more of a rock element going on. I know that may sound like a lot of crappy modern bands, but these guys aren't campy crap.

As Someone kept playing, the Cavern kept filling up. So much so that by the time that SOUND team came on, the place was packed. More packed than I've ever seen the place packed before (yes, even more packed than the Tapes 'n Tapes/Birdmonster show in March). Definitely a sight to see, but a part of me makes me really curious as to why.

SOUND team is a band that may very well likely be added to an ever-growing list of bands that received some nice buzz before they signed with a major and barely any buzz after they released a record on one. I'm talking Sixteen Deluxe, Skeleton Key, Creeper Lagoon, Jonathan Fire*Eater and so on. With SOUND team's Capitol debut LP, Movie Monster, receiving very small blog mentions and an embarrassingly tacky review by Marc Hogan for Pitchfork, I doubt this record will be getting more talk than its already received.

That said, I was really surprised to see the amount of people that came out to the show last night. Sure, there were plenty of people there to drink and hang out, but there was definitely a capacity crowd watching SOUND team. I have yet to hear Movie Monster, but I thought their set was pretty spot-on. I really dug "The Fastest Man Alive" especially, but overall, I'm not really sold on the band's stuff. Sure, the songs can make you dance and they're not moronic disco-rock redux, but there are more builds than releases. I would say this is like a train ride through the country where you see some cool things, but aren't really blown away.

After playing less than an hour, SOUND team was done and people started slowly trickling out. I headed back upstairs to hear Chris spin a few tracks. Playing a Notorious BIG song, we had an interesting sight of white hipsters swaying to the beat and having a good time. Kinda like seeing metalheads enjoying tejano music. Regardless, this was a good time even if I was seeing three bands that I had never seen before.


Chris Cusack said…
I wrote a letter to the Pitchfork reviewer, and have already received a preliminary response. Check it out.
Rj said…
Yeah, I'd say about 40% of the people that were at the show during the Sound Team set were there for drinking. Maybe that is from the amount of drinks I had spilled on me.

I hate to bitch, because it was a good show. I like the sound team record. It's not the greatest record, but I think it's a decent listen.

Anyways...this seems like old news on tuesday night.