Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Sporting Life - Finals Edition

I've always enjoyed watching and playing sports. What I've never understood is the fanatical draw to a team, whether it's a high school football team or a professional baseball team. I've never been depressed after "my" team lost. As a matter of fact, I still don't consider myself a part of the team because I'm a fan. However, with the Mavs in the finals, I can't help but be a little fanatical.

I will admit it: I'm a fairweather sports fan. I'm way more interested in what songs people like Eric and Jeff are posting, which shows are worth seeing in town and what's going on in the world of hardcore and punk and its spawn. I've never been to a professional sports game in my time as a D/FW resident. Thinking about it, the last time I went to any professional sports game was a Houston Oilers game in high school. The price to see this kind of entertainment is way beyond my means, so I stay at bay with TV broadcasts.

With the Mavs, seeing them go from a joke team to being in the finals in just a handful of years is cool to see. With their chances of being the NBA champions this year, I get excited at any possibility of that happening. So yes, I hoot and holler a little bit whenever a good play happens. Usually, the team doesn't matter, but since it's Dallas, you know who I'm pulling for.

I may be misunderstanding the TV commentators, but I get the feeling these guys are Heat fans. I hear more about the good things about the Heat over the cons, while I hear more about the cons of the Mavs. Maybe I have some filter in my ears, but that's what I've heard all throughout the finals.

As interesting as the NBA finals have been for me, I'm not about to fall into the sports guy stereotype. There is no drinking of beer, no expensive jerseys being worn, no buying of season tickets, no listening to sports talk radio, no throwing of objects around my house when a team loses, no money lost on bets, no sports cable-TV pacakages, no reading of sports websites, magazines or papers with me. That's just not me.

Tonight's game is going to be exciting. I will briefly applaud at the good plays and moan at the bad ones, but this is something I'm observing, not playing. That said, Go Mavs!

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