Friday, March 16, 2007


Eight hours of South By Southwest yesterday rendered the following:

Parking in a garage a few blocks away from Emo's.
Cost of parking was only $7 and went all day.
Quesadillas for lunch and dinner.
A tan that thankfully didn't turn into a burn.
Meeting a number of people who I had only spoken with over the phone or e-mail in the past three years.
Realizing that in-person conversations still trump phone and e-mail conversations.
Getting a song dedicated to you is still awesome.
Standing next to Chris Wollard and hearing him sing along while Chuck Ragan finishes a solo set is really awesome.
Despite my minor grumbles about Guitar Hero II, I didn't turn down an offer to get a free copy of it.
No regrets about driving six hours for eight hours of fun.

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Zine-O-Phonic said...

It was good to see you briefly. If you are up for more austin trips, I may be doing more of those now that I finally got down there. Amazing City, really makes me sad that I am stuck in Dallas.