Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm playing twice tomorrow

I've never done two apperances in one day, but that will change tomorrow. I will be drumming with J.D. Whittenburg early in the morning and again much later in the evening. Here are the details:

#1 Good Day Live, Fox 4 morning show
When? Sometime in the 8am hour.
Where can I see this? If you live in the DFW area, it's channel 4 on your TV.
How long is the set? Two songs.
How many funny faces will you make? A few.
More info:

#2 The Cavern
When? Midnight
Where is this place? Lower Greenville
How long is the set? 45-50 minutes
How much does it cost? $6 and it's 21+
Who else is playing? Somebody's Darling and Hardin Sweaty & the Ready to Go.
How many funny funny faces will you make? Plenty.
More info: The Cavern

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