Monday, December 01, 2008

New Born

Well, it's only taken me nine years, but I can now say I am a fan of Muse. It's not like there was a time when I hated the band's music. It was just not the right time when I first heard the band.

Well after Radiohead released OK Computer but before they released Kid A, there seemed to be a number of Radiohead-like bands getting a push on college radio. Palo Alto was one of the many, coupled with a large number of bands with Jeff Buckley/Thom Yorke-like singing. Hearing falsetto after falsetto got to a point of breaking for me. So when Muse's "Uno" and "Muscle Museum" were added into high rotation, I was not impressed. (Adding fuel to the fire: I remember getting a call from a woman asking about that new Radiohead song I just played.)

Basically, the Radiohead comparisons had to stop. Radiohead had to put out a new record. I followed Radiohead through Hail to the Thief and still enjoy them, but I don't listen to them as much as I used to. With Muse, I lost track of them, but I was still aware they had released a few more albums. I had dug "Starlight" because of its similarity to an 80s dance pop song I can't seem to remember its name. I had also attempted to get through "Knights of Cydonia" on Guitar Hero III.

Fast forward to a month or so ago: I see their excellent DVD of a concert at Wembley and I see High Tension for the first time. Knowing the band put on a really great live show and enjoying the use of "New Born" in High Tension, I figured I'd invest some more time into the band. Now it's reached a point where I can't stop listening to their stuff. Even the Showbiz songs, there's something I really have a new appreciation for.

All I can say is, I can't swear off a band forever. Sometimes life has its way of reintroducing a band you loathed but later love.

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