Monday, February 23, 2009


I might have spent almost five years working on a book that covers a portion of the DIY underground in the '90s, but I have no problem reading more about the genre. Not only is Brian's book set for a spring release, and Adam's book is still in the works, there's another book in the making that I'd really like to read. Mike McKee, who has written for Punk Planet and Razorcake (among others), has a book in the works called More Than Music.

As I've always said, more books about the different aspects of a particular scene is a great idea. A lot of books covering the same aspects, essentially saying the same things, is a different story. As much research as I did for my book, I always like to hear different takes.

As far as my post-POST book(s), things are still in the research phase. Let's just say that in the case of When We Were the Kids, Chuck Klosterman's first novel, Downtown Owl, has been helpful. His Fargo Rock City was a tremendous inspiration for POST, mainly because he took a highly-derided genre of music and discussed what he learned because of it. With Downtown Owl, I have some ideas about what I'd like to do and what not to do. No release is set for anything, but hopefully these projects will surface before I turn 35.

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