Monday, May 11, 2009

Further Instructions

What's been interesting about watching the reimagined Battlestar Galactica from start to finish on DVD? Four seasons zoom by much faster than watching them on their original broadcast schedule. Of course that's a big "duh," but comparing my experience with watching LOST -- it's different without the element of waiting weeks or months for a new episode.

I recall when my friend Ryan borrowed my copies of seasons one, two, and three of LOST -- and he finished watching them within two or three weeks. Then he caught up on season four by viewing episodes online since that had yet to appear on DVD. I asked him what he thought about the seemingly-universally-despised-characters named Nikki and Paulo. He didn't mind them, and if I remember correctly, their flashback episode helped tie up some loose threads.

Where I'm going with this is, he didn't have to deal with weeks of analysis and speculation or months of analyzing. If a certain episode felt off, he would watch the next episode after that. There were no morning-after debates on a message board or a comment section. There were no discussions about sharks jumping because of such and such. The experience is just the show and the show alone. That's been my experience with BSG, and I find it's a relief.

I wouldn't trade the experience of watching LOST week after week for anything, but once again, I find it frustrating when people deride the show for being what it is. Not every episode will answer every question posed. Not every episode will make sense right away. That's what is fun about the show (especially rewatching episodes on DVD) but it can be hard to deal with impatient, armchair screenwriters who probably would never take a crack at the computer and come up with a better show.

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