Tuesday, September 08, 2009


As I frown over the news about another redundant remake in the works, I am curious if there are more remakes in the works from a certain beloved horror author. Yes, me, Mr. Anti-Remakes is curious if more remakes of Stephen King's works are in the development phase. Why so? Because many previous adaptations look incredibly cheesy today.

I don't know if the remake of Ocean's Eleven is what got Hollywood into thinking that remaking/modernizing films was a good idea. (It definitely wasn't with Gus Van Sant's nearly-shot-for-shot remake of Psycho.) But as I've seen time and time again with many horror movie remakes, they just seem forgettable and rather pointless other than a quick cash-grab. While there are exceptions (I still think Rob Zombie's take on Halloween is worth exploring), I just scowl. This is mainly because the originals have held up so well over time.

But in the case of films like Children of the Corn and IT, there could be so much more done with today's technology. We don't live in an era where happy endings are a must for a Hollywood feature. Heck, we live in a time when Frank Darabont's take on King's The Mist had an even darker ending than the original one in the book. So Children of the Corn could be done in a way that's closer to the short story, and at least the special effects would be better than the original. (A TV remake version of Corn is about to debut, and there are rumblings about a feature-length remake as well.)

Since we live in a time where there's a desire to reboot a series rather than put out a standard sequel (like say, The Rage: Carrie 2), more and more remakes are just gonna keep coming. So here's hoping that some things will get a better shot the second time around.

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