Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Medium Rare

Record Store Day came and went. I attempted to get some stuff, but was shut out before I could even get my feet in a door.

With no disrespect to the establishment I went to early on Saturday morning (I've been to this place many times before and I will definitely go back), the line was way too long for me to consider standing in. I only had a couple of special releases on my mind to ponder buying (not necessarily buy on first sight) and there would be no guarantee this store would even have them.

After surveying the line going through the parking lot and around the corner, I had other things to do and went ahead with doing them.

Coming back to my car, I thought very positive thoughts at this sight. At a time when you hear enough about how terrible the music industry's sales are and this chain store is reducing its music stock and whatnot, local record stores and used bookstores continue to remain healthy. I'm quite sure those will be the only game in town some day, but I'm not forecasting when.

My desire for vinyl remains mainly one of a search for exclusive stuff. Like how I purchased as many face to face 7-inches as I could back in '97-'98, I wanted to hear the B-sides that had yet to make an appearance on CD. Sure, I'm happy to have the new True Widow and Get Up Kids LPs, but vinyl requires a special sort of technique and care to enjoy.

These days, life is moving a little too fast for slow afternoons lying back and listening to the deep sounds of vinyl. Maybe I should do something about that.

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