We got stars directing our fate

There are times in my life when people run into each other when there is no scientific way of explaining how. A lot of people take the easy way and proclaim it's God while others can claim it's pure luck. Somehow, it seems like a mixture of both to me.

Yesterday, had it not been for a large family taking multiple pictures of themselves on the midway section of the State Fair -- the spot where Matt and I wanted to take pictures of ourselves -- I would have never run into my longtime friend Tim, his wife-to-be, his cousin, and his cousin's parents. Three of these five live in Houston and I rarely see them these days. And these were five people I didn't know were going to be at the fair at the same time Matt and I were to be there.

Usually, I hear about how someone was at the same show I was at, but we never saw each other. You see a check-in via FourSquare on Facebook after you've come home and realize, "Hey, we missed each other. Shoot!"

Say it's the stars or the planets lining up. I don't really know what to think.

This encounter was no different than the time I ran into a friend from elementary school at a Mardi Gras parade. A year after I had moved away from New Orleans, I saw my closest friend when we came back to town. Out of all the days Mardi Gras happens, all the people that come to the parades, and all the parades that take place, he shows up to one that I'm at.

You could show me statistics, but I probably wouldn't believe them. All I'll say, as a general rule of thumb in life: when you think you're being delayed, you might actually be on track to come upon something you had wanted to be around.