Monday, February 27, 2012

Angular blues

I mention towards the end of my review of the "final" Annex House show that I play in a band with a member of one of the acts that night. Conflict of interest on the journalistic ethic end? Not to me, because Ben's band sounds much different than what we've cooked up with Sean.

My review, like every review I write, is what I truly feel about a band's performance. Besides, when you play in bands around the area, the scene is small enough and you run into people as you meet new people and develop contacts. There's one band like Rocketarm for every thirty cover bands.

So yes, I have a new band going. And I've recorded some new solo material for the first time in ten years. These are some of the most positive new developments in my life since I was laid off. My hope is that I can continue to make more positive developments in the months to come.

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