Last Book Update of 2005

It's been a relatively long time since I've given an update on Post. Well, here's an update:

Writing and researching continues, but at a rather slow pace. I used to work on stuff everyday but that changed in October, following my temporary unemployment. I took it rather easy for most of that month. This was the first time since college that I ever had a break from something work-related. I got a lot out of taking almost a full month off and while it put my mind at ease, my writing took a passenger's seat.

It's strange; not being on a regular work schedule probably would have been a golden opportunity to write all the time. Not in my case. With being out away from a work environment, the inspiration to write grew to a halt. Now that I'm back in a work environment, the writing has really picked up.

Most recently, I have been fleshing out the Jimmy Eat World chapter. After 18 pages, I took a breather and tooled around on other chapters. The Hot Water Music chapter is beginning to take shape as I have some more interviews and research to do in order to start from scratch with it. All that I have left to work on is the Dischord Records, Sunny Day Real Estate and the intro and epilogue chapters, before I go into "post-production" with the whole book (editing stuff out, fleshing stuff out, etc.).

Since there is no deadline, I cannot say when Post will come out. I want it out next year, but when next year, I don't know at the moment. Until then, enjoy the blogs and future Punk Planet stuff from me.