Monday, September 17, 2007

A note about most of this week's content . . .

Kudos go to Idolator for this link pertaining to our friend Jeff Giles' currently offline blog, Jefitoblog. Basically, his hosting company boarded up shop and didn't tell anyone. So, no blog for him and a lot of other people. It royally stinks to see such a fine blog get zapped, especially a blog that went beyond covering what hipsters were royally praising for six months and then royally making light of in another.

Jeff's writing can still be found in a couple of places, most notably Bullz-Eye and Rotten Tomatoes. He recently did a preview of the fall's movies and a mix of comeback songs for Bullz-Eye.

Since I contributed a few pieces to the site -- most notably a handful of Complete Idiot's Guides -- I figured it would be worthwhile to repost my stuff on here. Not to turn this into A Star is Born, but I mean this in tribute to a blog I loved writing for. The next few days will see all of the text reposted, but without the MP3s. Enjoy!

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