Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12 Reasons

Before I divulge my favorite music and movies of the year, I figured I'd do an inventory of my year. Taking a cue from Py's and J's memes on Christmas, I'll do twelve entries here, mostly in regards to taking the good with the not-so-good.

1. The arrival of my nieces. Surrounded by love from their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, they truly are a blessing. On a side note, I look forward to introducing them to music as they grow up. No Dillinger Escape Plan just yet, but they won't have to endure any Raffi from me.

2. My first visit to see these nieces coincided with two major events: the completion of my first full draft of Post and probably one of the worst allergy attacks in recent memory. Literally as I finished up the draft, I came down with something. Oh, the timing of these sorts of things.

3. Hitting up South by Southwest for eight hours and having a ball. I couldn't argue with finding a $7 parking space right across the street from Emo's, receiving a free copy of Guitar Hero II and meeting a number of people in person I had only corresponded with via e-mail or phone for Post.

4. Seeing the closing of Punk Planet was sad. Connecting with fellow writers after the closing was great. Plus, seeing my interview with John Congleton appear in the final issue was very nice.

5. Being interviewed for a book on the Internet's effect on listeners was an honor. It feels great to realize all the time I've spent digging into music over the past fifteen years is actually worth something beyond amusing/impressing friends.

6. Entering back into the world of a full-time job was an overall improvement in my life. Though I don't stay up late during the week anymore, it's sure nice to know exactly how long it will take me to go from the office and back. In addition, it's wonderful to feel valued in a workplace situation/position. That's not to say I was never valued in my previous jobs; it's just understanding how all those other jobs taught me how to enjoy what I have now.

7. Playing my first out-of-town show was fun. But the period of inactivity behind a drumkit following that gig was not the best. Yet the one-off gig playing all Rolling Stones songs was one of the funnest shows I've ever done.

8. Getting to play drums on live TV was great, as were the gigs I played before and after that. Yet getting fired from that band makes me think I should only start bands from the ground up instead of joining bands that already have songs written.

9. Believe or not, going to my high school reunion was one of this summer's highlights. There was no awkwardness, no annoying stuff and some wounds were healed as well.

10. Having two of my best friends move to places within five minutes of my house. Definitely way more good than not-so-good.

11. Realizing how diet and exercise actually do improve quality of life. (And they aren't that hard to get into.)

12. Getting the blessing from two good friends to write my second book the way I want to write it.


Eric said...

Unleash your lists!

Py Korry said...

Looking at your list I would say that you had a pretty great year!

J at said...

That was indeed a great list, and the diet and exercise part...too true.

Your love for music is very apparent, and fun to read about, even second hand.