Monday, December 03, 2007

Book update 12.03.07

With the spreading of the word of POST via its MySpace page, I'm not really surprised that a message board thread on it has now surfaced. The board is Viva La Vinyl, a place I had heard about, but had never checked out before. I had heard it was a prime location for whiners wishing I wrote the book they thought it should be, but so far, the complaints have been scarce.

Even if complaints dominated the thread, I wouldn't care all that much. Since I liked it when Kevin Smith hopped onto his board to answer questions, I wanted to continue that kind of interaction. I've already logged on to answer questions and comments, no matter how ugly they may or may not get. It's all in the process of telling people about the project rather than keeping it a guarded secret.

The current status of the book is this:

-I've begun the final edit of the 220-page manuscript. That might sound like a short book, but it's not. One page in Word equals 1.5 pages in book form. So two pages in Word means three pages in book form. And it's all single-spaced with 11-point Georgia font. In other words, this isn't some short walk in the park.

-Editing is a slow process that is well worth it at the end of the day. Some days I take up to three hours editing one chapter, but I'm proud of the results.

-There is no word about a release date, but I hope to have this out sometime next year. Keep in mind, I've been saying this for the past three years. Hear me out though: the research has been done for almost a year, but I needed to spend some time away from the book itself. Spending almost everyday of your life on a project for three years straight can make you go batty.

-It looks like I will be self-publishing this, but I do not take this as a sign of defeat. Rather, this is probably the best way for me to get the word out the way I want it out. Plus, this route might help get this out there sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned.


FrequencyDown said...

You can't make everyone happy. Even the books, articles, music, movies, shows, etc. that we love inside and out have outspoken critics.

You're doing the right thing by doing it the best way you feel you can and spending the time, effort and love that you feel it deserves.

Keep on, good sir.

Can't wait for the finished product.

Py Korry said...

Frequencydown is correct: you can't make everyone happy. You're quite brave to wade into those waters, though.

A prof of mine from college once said: "Don't ever read your reviews...just measure them."