Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I'm not one to make a big announcement about something unless I'm at least 98 percent sure it's a go. Well, it's not like I'm a liar, but despite thinking I was done with the final, final draft of Post, I'm currently doing one more run-through for some very understandable reasons. The big reason: despite going through every single sentence (and reading every word aloud), I'm still finding a small typo here and there, as well as ironing out consistency with the spelling of certain words.

This, my friends, is aggravating. But, I'd rather go through this now rather than be stuck with it in printed form.

Why I decided to do another read-through was because of feedback I recently received from a trusted source. This is a person I interviewed for the book and knows quite a bit about the writing process (his second book is due out later this year). He asked to read a few chapters and gave me some very helpful constructive criticism. If I didn't agree with what he had to say, I wouldn't have done another edit. So, it goes again -- this time, adding a little more about myself in the introduction for a little more clarity and personality.

I understand typos are in all kinds of books -- from the noticeable to the not-so-noticeable. I found a few in Slash's biography, as well as the book I'm reading now, and still remember seeing a big goof in the seventh Harry Potter book. Typos look bad, and if your book is filled with them, each one chips away at the book's (and author's) reputation. It's frustrating, with very little room for human error -- something I'm still not convinced everyone is OK with.

Another facilitator for this edit is changing the font and format for submission to the printer. That meant a different font and size, as well as one space -- instead of two -- between sentences. Since I had to make sure everything came out all right, I figured I should do one more read-through.

So it makes me wonder, is this ever going to end? My answer is yes, but I won't lie, it will be better once it's all done for real.

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