Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight or night

I don't mean to slight the wonderful, Eric Carmen-fronted Raspberries, but something I've wondered about ever since I received Overnight Sensation: the Very Best of the Raspberries involves a frequent lyric. Seems Mr. Carmen likes things at night . . . and preferably just at night.


". . . just how it feels at night to have to stand inside my shoes," from "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye."

"Please, go all the way/it feels so right/being with you here tonight," from "Go All the Way."

"I can’t sleep nights/wishing you were here beside me," "Baby let’s pretend that tonight could live forever," and "but for now let me just spend the night with you," from "Let's Pretend."

"If we were older/we wouldn't have to be worried tonight," "Well tonight's (tonight) the night," and "Hold me tight/Our love could live forever after tonight," from "I Wanna Be With You."

"All I ever wanted to be/was in your arms tonight," "Tonight/I'll be with you tonight/Tonight/You'll love me too tonight," "I'm making love to you, whoh, tonight," along with eighteen other mentions of "tonight" in "Tonight."

"I wanna woo you all night on the beach," from "On the Beach."

"Overnight sensation," from "Overnight Sensation."


While I think the tracklisting for Overnight Sensation is fantastic -- the first seven songs are all aces -- only one doesn't contain "night" or "tonight" in it. Yes, this is overkill (and makes me wonder what Mr. Carmen thought about the afternoons and/or mornings), but I can't but think this as I sing along to songs that still sound fresh today.

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