Is There a Way Out

In Post, there's a good reason why I excluded quotes about bands never getting back together. Those quotes never look good when a band does get back together. It's one thing for band members to say in articles that the band will never reunite. It's another thing when a statement of that magnitude is said in something like a book or documentary.

There was only one band member I interviewed who said his old band will never get back together. I'm not saying who it was or which band it was, but I will say this, it wasn't a member of the Get Up Kids. With their reunion show on Sunday, I'm very thankful none of them said a reunion would never happen.

Maybe I'm comparing apples to grapes here, but I came of age when super-popular bands, who swore off all possible reunions for years, reunited. I remember the Eagles' Hell Freezes Over concert, album, and tour all very well. I remember the Pixies and Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters) reunions. Basically, all those ugly statements made in the press became null and void (or just made light of) when the reunion occurred.

If anything, I've learned that almost any band can reunite. And it doesn't matter if all of the members are still alive or not. The nature of reunions is still a mystery to me. All I can say is, you can never really say never to almost anything.


I remember the Braid reunion tour and really wish I would have made the Hey Mercedes show in Chicago.