A post-Thanksgiving of thanks

In addition to my family and friends, I'd like to thank the following:

--People having a genuine interest in reading Post. It's very nice to just tell somebody about a book and he or she is interested just because of the pitch. No DVD players, concert tickets, or vacations are necessary to bargain.
--Quarterly royalty statements from the book publisher. One of the bigger reasons I went with the publisher I went with.
--The breakfast taco place down my street. Amazing what happens when a place offers great food and the owners truly appreciate your business. What a novel concept.
--My dog for not peeing on my bed, so far, this year.
--Working a job where random strangers are not allowed in so they ask you tons of questions while you're trying to work.
--A nice, long street to run and walk on.
--LOST Season 4 for being awesome.
--The DVD selection at Movie Trading Company and Borders. All hail DVD prices $8-$12!