Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lost alone

Something I've looked forward to for almost a year is watching the final season of LOST in the comforts of home. While it's nice to watch a new episode on a movie theater screen with a crowd, it can also suck to watch a new episode with a crowd. So I'm in luck that I can watch this without anyone I don't know bugging me.

Since I didn't have cable or decent reception for the previous season, I had to go elsewhere for my fix. I had heard of the local Angelika showing new episodes for free, so I decided to see almost every new episode of season five there. That was quite fun overall, but there were some severe drawbacks.

The thing I do not, absolutely, positively, enjoy in a theater is when people just spit out the first thing that comes in their minds while watching a movie or a TV show. Yes, the show is confusing. I get that. I've understood that for five years. But do we really have to be taken out of the moment and excitement in a new episode when something doesn't make sense right away?

Yes, I'm really picky and easily perturbed by this, but think of it this way: would you want to hear bold and dismissive comments made about the dinner you're eating while you eat it? Frankly, I'd prefer not to unless it was positive and didn't take me completely out of the moment.

Maybe this plays exactly into my lack of desire of ever wanting to read a live-blog of a live event. Be it the Grammys, the Oscars, or an episode of LOST, I think it's better to enjoy the moments, enjoy the whole thing, and then say something after it's over. We're prone to say things we regret when post the first thing that comes to our heads. Saying something like, "Heroes is the best show evverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" doesn't really age well if you posted that online or said it aloud in a theater four years ago.

So I bring on the hooting and hollering and I look forward to talking about the show tomorrow morning. I'm just glad that I can see it as is.

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