Monday, August 02, 2010

"Come on drummer, tighten up on the drums."

Something I've been a little too aware of for the past few years is how hard I hit my drums. I was once unceremoniously sacked from a band for playing too aggressively and I've been mindful of that ever since.

Even though it might drive sound men crazy, bartenders up the wall, and certain band members up the wall, I always play my heart out.

I don't try to play rambunctiously. When it's time to chill out, I chill out. When it's time to rock out, then I rock out. I like to play rock music, and I've always been inspired when a band (or band member) throws all caution to the wind and plays like it's the last show of all time, pre-zombie apocalypse.

Think about the perspective of the average audience member. He or she has probably never sat behind a mixing board, doesn't know what EQ is, and has never known what "wet" vocals sound like. All that technical jargon aside, this person has probably seen amazing bands and terrible bands. I'd prefer to not play in the terrible band side of things.

Since I'd like to think that I'm one with the audience, I prefer to play like how I'd want to see somebody play. If I barely hit the drums and cymbals while I stared into the rafters, then I would not think I was doing a decent job. Rock music has the potential to change your life. It changed mine, so I simply try to continue that transition.