Library surge

Roughly two weeks ago, I looked at the handful of shelves nailed into a wall in our reading/sitting room. Filled with many books by Stephen King, along with a few books on mixed martial arts, as well as The Passage, I Am Legend, Let the Right One In, and The Ruins, I decided I had enough books to read for a number of years. Aside from a one-off purchase here and there, I thought that's all I needed.

That was, until last weekend.

Whenever I go into a Borders or a Barnes & Noble these days, I hit up the bargain bin and stock up. I don't think I'll ever have a lack of curiosity about books, and when decent-to-mint copies are available for less than five dollars, I can't say no.

Even though my library has grown significantly in the past year, I really like to have a variety of options when it comes to the next book that I read. I can't read Stephen King all the time. Rather, it's nice to have an alternative to this stuff, like a Joe Strummer biography or an oral history of The Simpsons.

Of course, when I'll finish reading all of these books remains to be seen. I joke that I'll be done by the time my kids are in high school. Then I think I'll probably have way more to go through by then.