Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They're marching to Bastille Day

Much in part to the fantastic documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, I've had a hankering for completing my Rush collection. What's strange is that my "collection" is really bone dry. So completion is a bit of ways away.

Back in middle school, I remember my friend Tim talking about the Chronicles compilation. He didn't describe what the band sounded like; he only spoke of it as an awesome sort of thing. I was curious. His tastes were very much in line with mine, and still are to this day.

Eventually I'd have my own taped copy of Chronicles as well as Roll the Bones, A Show of Hands, and their current record at the time, Counterparts. I would foolishly sell Roll the Bones and Counterparts in college (something I regretted until I heard they had been digitally remastered and reissued a few years ago) in order to create shelf space.

Now I'm at a point where my digital copies of Spirit of the Radio and Permanent Waves are simply not enough. I want pretty much everything from the seventies up until a certain point in their eighties catalog. Yes, that means some 20-minute epics filled with twisted time signature changes and rather odd song titles. But I say bring that all on.

There is an inherent level of geekitude that comes with wanting a band's catalog, and with Rush, it's amplified even more. Yet I'm thankfully at a point where I won't be teased for wearing a Rush T-shirt or criticized for coming into the band with Counterparts. High school's over and it's time to enjoy the present and future.

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