Monday, November 29, 2010

A tree and a toilet seat

For the first time since college, I'm happy to see a real Christmas tree in my home. Not in any way am I slighting people that put up a fake one, but there's something fun about getting the real thing. Even the sap.

On a fluke last week, Matt and I talked about getting a real Christmas tree from a local lot. We picked one out on Saturday with our respective girlfriends and decorated the whole thing last night (before The Walking Dead, of course). Positioned underneath my TCU toilet seat and in front of the fireplace, there's a seven-foot tree with a tree skirt like one you'd find in Whoville.

I can recall when the most amount of Christmas decorations I put up was a strand of lights that draped over my sliding glass door. Coming from a house that was filled with decorations to that was very deflating, but I didn't really see the need to go all out.

I understand there are people who think Christmas is a bunch of phony materialism, but I've always enjoyed the whole experience. It's fun to be creative and tidy things up around the house. There's an element of joy in doing something that you know will only last for a month once a year. But you make that month count and savor the whole time.

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