There Are Rules

Last night was a very late one for me because I was asked to cover the Get Up Kids show.

As much as I like the band (and I obviously liked the show), I approached with some trepidation due to when the show would probably end and when I had to wake up this morning. Add in that I drove from Houston to Dallas during the midday and it was a very long day.

But when I got a 50-yard-line view of the band by the time they took stage, I started to really feel happy that I went. The band played very well and I got to spend some time talking with a few of them before I had to jet. I brought home a vinyl copy of their new record, which is technically not out until tomorrow, but they were selling it at their merch table. That's what having your own label let's you do.

I'm thankful that I'm not asked to cover late shows every week because the exhaustion does catch up with me. I can handle a great show during the week and write about it in a lucid state. All I can hope for tonight is an early bedtime.