Monday, March 12, 2012

Arrows to the Action

Lately, a topic has come up quite a bit in conversations: how you think you're "done" with something you've made. You wrote that book X-amount years ago, you made that record X-amount of years ago, you made that movie X-amount of years ago, and the like. The creator might think there is a point when he or she is finished discussing, analyzing, and recalling. Alas, the treasure chest is never permanently closed, because new people are coming across it.

In the topic of post-hardcore/emo, I'm always up for talking with people who were truly moved by it in the '90s. I have yet to be "done" with the topic, and it may follow me around for many years, but I don't mind.

I had known about Washed Up Emo as blog for a few years, but I didn't find out about its podcast until last week, thanks to this mention. Now it's a podcast I subscribe to because it's worth a listen.

When I saw bands like the Promise Ring and Burning Airlines, there were plenty of other people around me at the shows. When I wrote Post, I wondered where many of those people were, in terms of speaking about the power of that music. Seems we all moved on to other pastures, but the impact left a major mark, even if you were grooving to Tapes N Tapes and the Cold War Kids.

Conversing with people who fondly remember Knapsack, Samiam, and Jawbox is not an everyday occurrence, so when it does happen, it's exciting. You don't hear people talking about Save Ferris or Cherry Poppin' Daddies these days. So, I might have another book coming out this year, but I don't mind talking about the topic found in my first.

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