Monday, March 19, 2012


Grieving is something that comes and goes. I get that. Flashes of things falling apart, and the accompanying sadness, are not enjoyable, especially when you don't know where you're going next. Events from last year keep popping into my head, and I wonder when can I move onto the next part of my life.

As I've called them before, there are slow days where any forward progress seems unattainable. Yet I still make plans to do things I know will be fun, like seeing old friends and meeting new people. Why? Because I know they're worth doing. Even it's just getting out of the house, it's worth it.

This past weekend was packed with enjoyable times. And it started with a phone call from a friend who was stranded at DFW Airport and needed a ride to SXSW. Since I was going on Friday morning, the same morning he hoped to arrive, he stayed on my couch and we left early. The whole day was spent with the members of Braid and their road crew. I had not seen these guys in at least five years, and there was a lot of catch-up.

Braid and Hot Water Music played at Red 7 for the Shirts for a Cure day party. Both bands played incredibly well, and I was very happy to see the show. Afterwards, I met Dave Smalley, vocalist for many great bands, including Dag Nasty. Since my interview with him for Post was done over e-mail, I never had the experience of actually talking to him. It was a great talk, and he remembered me and the book.

Driving back home that evening, I knew I had a long day of the St. Patrick's Day parade in the morning and a party that afternoon. As fun as Austin is during SXSW, my body can go into system overload after a while. Hence the drive back. The parade was fantastic, as was the party. And Sunday was spent playing golf in cloudy weather.

I needed a weekend like this, because it helped clear my head about the good things in life. And the good things coming in the future.

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