Monday, July 02, 2012


As I look forward to the fourth and final wedding I'm attending this year, I also have something else on my mind. This will be the first wedding I've MC'd. That's right, me, Master of Ceremonies at the reception. The bride-to-be asked me and I said yes without hesitation.

Getting together recently with the couple, we discussed what needs to be spoken and when. Seeing as how I recently went to a wedding with a phenomenal DJ/MC, I'm going to attempt to take a lot of cues from him. If I have a script or just some copy points, I can do this.

Yet speaking in front of people with a microphone is still a new thing to me. I did standup comedy in elementary school, gave funny speeches at band banquets in high school, and I once introduced the high school band at a football game. Couple that with all my years reporting traffic on the radio and hosting my own show on KTCU, I'd be comfortable in front of microphone by now.

Well, I'm not.

Most of the time, when you talk on the radio, you're talking to either an empty room or to only a few people. How many people that are listening on their radio is a phantom, theater-of-the-mind sort of thing. If you imagine too much, it will drive you crazy. I attempted to not think about that and focus on what was going on in the room.

Alas, I welcome this challenge. I want my friends to have a great wedding and fun-filled reception. I just hope there's not a lot of microphone feedback.

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