Hold That Thought

I recently drove Jenny around Fort Worth to show her the TCU campus and the places I lived between 1998 and 2002. I still have fond memories of my time living there, even though I'm much happier living in Dallas. I couldn't help remembering all the times I drove alone around Berry St, Bryant Irvin, Stadium Drive, and Hulen. Music kept me company, as it always has, but thinking about my time in college, I spent so much time alone in my '92 Toyota Camry. 

I listened to a ton of different bands in that Camry, three different dorm rooms, and two different apartment complexes. I hung out with many good people in those days, many of whom I'm still friends with. Yet the band that takes me immediately back to my senior year of high school and all my years in college is Ben Folds Five.

Today, the Five have a new record out called The Sound of the Life of the Mind. I wasn't expecting a new record and wasn't pining for the band to reform. I was perfectly happy listening to the three proper albums and rarities compilation every once in a while. That said, I wasn't against the band reforming and working on new material.

Taking a listen to The Sound today, I'm happy to say this is an enjoyable and engaging record; certainly a rebound from Ben's last couple of solo records (which I found to be quite mediocre). I often associate Ben's music with autumn, and this year is no different.

I can't help reflect on my life with Ben Folds on my radio, to use a Counting Crows lyric. Things are much better now compared to my college years, in terms of knowing what I want and don't want in my life. Exactly what my next job will be remains a mystery, but I'm not afraid of landing on my feet. And I'm certainly glad I haven't left the Five's music in the dust.