Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Frustration can be gorgeous

Writing the third book has been slow, to put it nicely. I now understand why people write and write and never seem to finish a novel. But since I've made my writing of this book a public announcement, I have no choice but to climb that proverbial mountain. I know I'll be happy when I get to the top of it, and I blog to chart my progress.

What's helped me get back into the swing of things is having a working title. And it's a title I almost used for my first book: Forever Got Shorter. The title wasn't exactly right for my first book and certainly not for my second one, but this third one fits the title perfectly. I'm not trying to write a downer of a book here. Instead, I'm trying to capture how three different people try to accept adulthood. That's a topic I know plenty about, so I feel comfortable and confident in writing about it.

The phrase "forever got shorter" is a line from About Last Night, a movie I still haven't seen. But I know it more as a one of my favorite Braid songs. I love the phrase and how open-ended it is. Knowing this is the working (and quite possibly, final) title, I hope to steer this ship in a direction I'm happy with. How long that will take, I'm not sure. But I've found writing a book over time is much easier than popping something out in a few weeks.

As for When We Were the Kids, it's been finished for almost a year. I'm still making tweaks, adding and subtracting here and there, but it's ready to go once I finalize some full-time employment. And that's an ongoing process, hopefully with results very soon.

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Ted said...

Three books and you're only 34! Impressive.