Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My First Show + notes

This week's edition is with Blair Shehan from the Jealous Sound. A few notes about this interview:

-I saw the Jealous Sound live before I was familiar with their music, or even a fan. I was aware of Knapsack, but I didn't know much of their material. A band I briefly played with in college worshiped Knapsack, and to this day, I still see at least one of the members of my old band at Jealous Sound shows.

-The first time I saw the Jealous Sound was at the Gypsy Tea Room. Spitalfield frontman Mark Rose introduced me to Adam Wade at that show, and Adam was tremendously excited about my book project. Just the thought that someone still cared about Jawbox meant the world to him. Eventually I interviewed him and he helped me set up interviews with William Goldsmith and Jeremy Enigk.

-The second time I saw the Jealous Sound, they opened for Sunny Day Real Estate. I finally got to meet William Goldsmith and Nate Mendel. Both were very gracious and friendly to me. The thing with Nate is that, if you never knew his other band was one of the biggest rock bands in the world, he certainly doesn't act like it. He doesn't carry any rock star baggage and is a true gentleman.

-If this conversation sounds really personal, well, it comes from the fact that I had a long chat with Blair after their last show here in October. We hit it off and talked for a while. Definitely a nice guy with plenty to share.

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