Monday, December 20, 2004

All those people that you know . . .

Song in my head:
"Satin in a Coffin" by Modest Mouse

So the three and and a half days I had off for an early Christmas were very well spent. Friday night I hung out with Matt and other fellow friends from high school. Had Mexican food at (the now-franchized-in-Houston-at-least) Rico's and then proceeded to Matt and Kim's for a screening of Ryko's DVD of Bill Hicks' stand-up. Very hilarious stuff and in a lot of ways, timeless. Saturday night was spent with the family for an early Christmas exchange of presents. After eating Rico's (this time at a location close to my sister and brother-in-law), we gave and received. I made out with CDs, DVDs, books, a calendar, a tie and a new jacket. Very cool things and I think I'll have to spend the next few weeks going through everything (gotta love bonus footage and interviews on DVDs). Christmas spirit is alive and well in me.

I have a few more Christmas gifts to buy for various people. I think after my afternoon shift I will brave the crowds of impatient parents and whining children to get this done.

I still need to hear more songs from this album this Christmas season.

The trailer for the Amityville Horror remake is online. Don't confuse this movie about a haunted house with that other movie set in a haunted house: Darkness. Darkness opens the same day as the Life Aquatic. Guess which movie I'll be seeing on Christmas?


Kev said...

Assuming I'm reading this right, you have family in Houston too?

Oh yeah, and Bill Hicks and I went to the same high school...

Eric Grubbs said...

You are correct - good ole Houston. I lived in Kingwood for twelve years.

Bill Hicks rules. Small world we live in. The film Sugar and Spice was inspired by a group of Kingwood High School girls. I kinda knew one of them.