Thursday, December 30, 2004

When I'm in the crowd . . .

Song in my head:
"In the Crowd" by the Jam

Ever since I heard the Kinks' "Johnny Thunder," I've wondered if Paul Weller nicked the melody and lyrics of the pre-chorus for "In the Crowd." Listen to the part in both songs where it says "And everyone" and compare. I watched a little of "In the Crowd" last night on the live Paul Weller DVD I rented from Netflix. Really cool DVD.

I did watch a lot of the DVD disc on Nirvana's With the Lights Out last night. The footage of them playing "Big Cheese" at an instore is incredibly loud, thick and tight. The version of "Immigrant Song" from Krist's mom's house is a very tasty cover. Kurt's staring at a wall while Chad is at the other end of the room. Still hit all the changes.

The other night I picked up the Libertines' first record, Up the Bracket. Very cool record. It's sloppy and sleazy while it's also melodic and dynamic. I'm sure you've heard about all the press with them in the UK. has a concise year in review of the band right here.

This is a few days old, but Jim DeRogatis posted his year in review here. The extended version of it can be found here. I like the fact that he put a Top 75 up.

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