Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Rat

Song in my head:
"The Rat" by the Walkmen

Hope everybody is having a good holiday (whether it's weeks, week, day or days). Christmas weekend was good: Friday, I went to a party down the street at a church-turned-into-hippie-living-community. Twas interesting and the cider really hit the spot. Saw The Life Aquatic Saturday night. Great movie, but it's a Wes Anderson movie, so it's a given. Spent some time with the family on Sunday. The weather has been cooperating, so I have no complaints.

If Christmas is not your fancy, there's always Festivus. has this article on the Walkmen. I received Bows + Arrows for Christmas and I thoroughly enjoy it. The second track, "The Rat," is really awesome. It reminds me of GvsB's "One Dose of Truth" from the Series 7 soundtrack.

When I saw this article's headline, I thought it was a reference to Arthur Lee's band, Love. Twas not after I read the subheadline.

Here's a small article on George Romero's next installment of his "Dead" series: Land of the Dead. I'm curious about this project, but I'm not sure if anything can top Dawn of the Dead.

I really like Panda Express. Their orange chicken, mongolian beef and kung-pow beef are pretty amazing. The black peas laced with spices feel like dynamite going off in your mouth though.


Kev said...

You probably read this on my blog last week, but we just got a new Panda Express in my neck of the woods. I'm quite partial to their orange-flavored chicken; I ended up going back the next night after I posted as well.

Eric Grubbs said...

The Panda Express I go to is a few doors down from my favorite burrito place: Freebirds. I used to go to Chipotle and Qdoba until they opened one here. Now there is a second Freebirds on Beltline near the Tollway. Pure bliss.

Kev said...

If I'd read that post 24 hours ago, I would have spoken with some skepticism over Freebirds (I'm a hardcore Chipotle-head, as you may have gathered from my blog). I haven't been able to go there yet (the one time I was down by the one in Old Town, the line was more than out the door), but a buddy of mine who's been to all four major big-burrito chains told me that Freebirds wasn't worth my time. But we were talking last night, and, ever since a trip to the Addison one of which you speak, he's had a change of heart, so I guess I need to give it a try now.

Eric Grubbs said...

Freebirds is its own deal. I've always thought Chipotle is a good Mexican grill. Lots of fresh ingredients, but when I was last there, they didn't have queso. I love queso: I must have it every week. Freebirds can subsitute shredded cheese for queso at no extra cost. Their guacamole is also very good. I haven't had their Badass Barbeque Sauce in a while but it's as good as Stubb's BBQ Sauce.