(The Ever-Changing) Price of Gas

Special note: since some of this subject matter is very Kev-like, I decided to write this post in the vein of his posts. So with that in mind, here is a TPE post written in the vein of a Kev post (now for Kev to do a post in the vein of a TPE post):

After my afternoon shift Monday night, I stopped by a nearby gas station advertising $2.14 for a gallon of unleaded. As I was pulling in, I saw a guy standing on a ladder with a handful of plastic cards with numbers on them. I figured I should pick up the pace so I could still get the "cheaper" rate, but when I put my debit card in, the machine wouldn't read my card. I pulled the nozzle out anyway but the machine said unleaded was now $2.16 a gallon. I filled up, paid the cashier and went along my merry way. Understand this: I keep my eye on rising gas prices but when the price of a fill-up costs me $100 a pop, I'll start complaining. Right now a fill-up for my '02 Camry is around $27-$30. I'll survive since I recently realized that money comes and goes, but memories and experiences don't.

Get a room: The housemate has been in Budapest since Sunday and since then, our 10-year-old terrier will sleep in any room of the house except mine. She really likes Jason's bedroom and the reading room in the front of the house, but after inviting her to come and stay in my room while I sleep, she keeps declining. She's known Jason longer than me but she has also taken a liking to me (and vice versa), but I'm wondering what's her deal this week. I think she takes to the reading room so she can harbor the delusion that she is standing "guard" (as in bark and whimper) when people walk down the street at night. Now I know she likes sleeping in my room when I'm around, but maybe she's going through housemate withdrawal. Where are those puppy uppers when you need them?

Great quote from yesterday: "There will be good days and bad . . . which means that some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky!"- Peter Jennings on how his cancer treatment will affect his anchoring gig.


Kev said…
Wow, they changed the gas prices while you were buying it?? That's just all kinds of wrong...

I liked the tribute (just got to it today due to swamped-ness last week) and will indeed find a way to reciprocate before long.