Who is really getting served?

MTV News reports some information I know the world is waiting for: news on the You Got Served sequel.

"We weren't going to do a [You Got Served] sequel at first because me and Omari, we was like, 'We don't want to touch it, let it stay a classic,' . . . But so many people came up to us and said, 'Where is "U Got Served 2"?' . . . We don't want it to be the same, but we don't want to be too different."

This may sound crazy, but this article is very inspiring to me. This says a lot about dimishing returns and why things appear bigger when they're on the rise or in development rather than when they actually arrive. Ah, the cornerstones of hype.


That quote is amazing. Is it not widely understood that You Got Served is one of the worst movies ever made? I've only caught horrifying glimpses of it on the movie channels. A friend of mine is an elementary teacher in the Richardson ISD. His kids go nuts over that movie (5th graders) and now form dance gangs during school dances. I guess it's better than knifing each other.
Eric Grubbs said…
I agree: dancing is WAY better for kids instead of some of the other alternatives. Yet the whole business aspect of movie-making in regards to a sequel is rather strange. If a movie makes any money (especailly when only a small profit is made theatrically) is a sequel that necessary? On paper as a business proposal, sure, but patterns show time and time again, sequels are not for everyone. There is only so much you can do with the same characters, similar storylines and similar themes before you run out of steam.