I'll go back/if you ask me

Songs in my head:
"Little Thoughts" by Bloc Party
"Like Eating Glass" by Bloc Party

This past weekend saw some of the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, the Incredibles and four hours of kickball. Friday, we saw most of Radiant*s set and thought they were pretty good. Like a more accessible version of Interpol, there is a lot of dreamy guitar pop in their sound. Saturday, instead of trying to wade my way through all the people going to see this movie, I stayed in and watched this movie. Another fantastic addition to the pantheon of smart and funny movies dressed up as kids' movies, the Incredibles gets my approval. Hearing Chasing Amy's Jason Lee in the role of a villain was great to hear again (he was so good as a baddy in Dogma). Sunday, FOUR HOURS of kickball meant some sunburn over the few spots I didn't cover with sunblock. However, a funky suntan means way less to me than the all the fun I had in the warm and windy weather. It was so windy that our rubber bases kept flying around the field. Twas very interesting trying to run to a base that blew away as you ran towards it.

Over on the Sound Opinions' message board, there is a thread about Greg Kot's story on Pitchfork and MP3 blogs. One blurb that sounded fishy: "Josh Rosenfeld, co-owner of Seattle-based Barsuk Records, says one Texas record store initially refused to stock one of his releases, Travis Morrison's 2004 release "Travistan," because it received a 0.0 review from Pitchfork." Makes me wonder if this one Texas store is in Dallas . . .

Nick Mason of Pink Floyd talks to Rolling Stone about his book and other PF-related things.

Chrome Waves made mention of this blurb about what might be on the Sin City DVD. Sounds very cool. Now if I can only find the time to see this movie in a movie theater, in the evening, in a good cinema with no knuckleheads behind me. I may have to wait a few weeks for that . . .