Random Facts

Here are some random facts that have recently come to my attention:

-Ted Leo (yes, the man) produced Jejune's This Afternoons Malady. I wonder what else he's produced.

-Kickball can be played even with broken-down 12-pack boxes of Coors Light as bases.

-Taking in a second dog doesn't automatically yield to jealousy and fighting with the other dog. Mostly they follow each other around and want to eat each other's food.

-The Cosby Show still makes me laugh out loud even though I've seen it so many times before.

-Chances are good that the next new CD I will buy will be My Morning Jacket's Z (out on the 20th of this month).

-Holiday=day with no obligations


Anonymous said…
Awwww. You mentioned Tuxy in your blog!

I want to give him lots of smooches on his very cute snout. As you can tell, I'm absolutely smitten with him.