Save the date: October 13th, 2005

Big news that's been brewing for a while: I'll be in Chicago between October 9th and the 16th for vacation and some book stuff. One of the things on tap is a benefit show at Beat Kitchen on Thursday, the 13th with the following line-up:

The City on Film
The Firebird Band
Dogme 95

For those that know the line-ups for the City on Film and the Firebird Band, you know that there are ex-members of Braid in these bands. Well, this ain't no Braid reunion show, but this is a celebration of the now because of a band like Braid, a band that has a full chapter devoted to them in my book.

All of these acts are my friends and they all have an important connection to the book. I've gotten to know Bob from City on Film and Chris from the Firebird Band through my interviews and hanging out with them whether with Braid or City on Film or Firebird Band. Since they both live in or around Chicago, I hoped they would be in town on the same night given their rather busy touring schedules. Luckily, both bands were available that night so it worked out.

As for Hirudin, they help carry the torch of mid-90s post-hardcore-influenced rock with their music. They're Chicago-based too and plus guitarist/vocalist Kyle Ryan is a good friend of mine. A lot of his articles that have appeared in Punk Planet and Alternative Press have been wonderful resources for book research.

Finally with Dogme 95, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have Nick on the bill. He's been my bro with the ups and downs and everything in-between since college and it makes total sense to have him play. He's been a part of this book since day one so I any help I cab offer him in return is much obliged.

The point of this whole show is to have a good time but also to showcase how a sense of community is still alive even in these times of commercialized emo cheese rock. I think it's important to showcase a sense of harmony even if these guys aren't playing the same style of music. We all came from a different era and we want to celebrate it.


Eric said…
Hopefulyl I can skip out on class and make it to the show. No promises, but I'll certainly give it my best shot. CIF and FB are great, but niether compares to Braid.