Since Sunday, Jason and I have been hosting a refugee from New Orleans: a dog named Tux.

Tux's owner works for the New Orleans police department and he was evacuated before Hurricane Katrina hit the town. One of our landlords is from the area, so with our consent, our house is now Tux's shelter for the next week or so. I don't know what breed he is, but he is tall. His head comes up to my stomach in a standing position and this becomes a tad annoying when I try to eat. He's a curious fella and whenever he smells food (whether it's soup or cereal), he wants at least a smell.

His size may be duanting but he is a very sweet dog. He gets along with Juliet though she likes to roughhouse with him. She's got a thing about trying to bite his ears and he doesn't enjoy it (is there anyone that would?). Yes, they live in relative harmony but the effect it's had on me has been a glimpse of a possible future as a (gasp!) parent.

Bill Cosby onced joked that he and his wife were intellectuals until they had children. I find this line funny but incredibly scary at the same time. No matter how intelligent we think we are as educated adults, we start from square one with teaching a child. I hear parents disciplining and talking down to their kids any time I go out and I get creeped out. (Maybe this is why I like to stay in the house so much.)

Parts of me think becoming a responsibility-filled adult is the equivalent of joining the Dark Side: give up everything that I am (especially my unique personality) to become accountable for someone else. I keep hearing Darth Vader saying, "It is inevitable. It is your destiny." I, like Luke Skywalker, resist such propositions. I think, "Why in the world would I even want to put myself into this position?"

Of course I'm stretching things here (no surprise!), but this is what is going through my mind as I currently have "two kids" in the house. Whenever I get up and walk around, they want to follow me, so I have to seriously think about when I get up. Granted, it's a little more commotion than I'm used to, but in light of recent events, I'll take one for the team as another learning experience.


Anonymous said…
Tux is an Akita and since I love, love his big bad wolf haircut, his funnny temperament, and his big honking paws, I thought I'd share some Akita facts with you, Easy E.

The Akita is a Japanese breed named after the mountainous, northern province where it originated.

This large, strong dog was used for bear hunting in the rural areas and the Samurai used them for fighting dogs in the more populated areas.

The Akita has been declared a national treasure of Japan.

An Akita in a home is believed to be a symbol of good health, prosperity and good fortune.

Helen Keller was the first person to bring an Akita to the United States from Japan. Unfortunately, the puppy died at 8 months. She then acquired his littermate, and this dog remained her friend until his death at 10 years of age.

Akitas may grunt, groan, mumble and whine to express themselves. This verbalizing IS NOT growling and should not be interpreted as a growl--which sounds quite different. After living with an Akita, it is easy to distinguish between their talking and growling.

An Akita may gently take your hand in his mouth to lead you to someplace important (like the treat jar or the refrigerator). This is not aggression. It is communication and guidance.
Eric said…
Akita's are awesome dogs. It's pretty cool of you to give up your house for this dog. Way to go.