Everything's Ending Here

Probably the first thing most people notice about the Golden Falcons is singer Rob Dunlap. At 6'11", Dunlap is one of tallest lead singers I've ever seen play live. Just like the times I've seen Jon Bunch (Sense Field/Further Seems Forever) perform, I have a small strain in my neck after watching the Golden Falcons. Last night was no different as I saw them play with Saboteur and the Action Is at the Double Wide.

I saw a little bit of the Falcons' set at the Cavern a few weeks ago, but due to various factors (loud and rowdy drunk people filling every bar in Lower Greenville as a way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day was a big one), I didn't see the whole thing. Making it a point to enjoy their entire set, I sat tight and stayed up at the front of the stage for most of the show. The Action Is was good and greasy rock while Saboteur kicked some royal ass. Considering the fact that their new drummer (Tony Wann from the Numbers Twist/Tendril) joined the band the day before, it was a seamless transition.

As for the Golden Falcons, this was an incredible set. While it wasn't that much different from when I saw them a year ago at Curtain Club (also with Saboteur), I was pretty stoked. If I were to describe them, I would make some comparisons to the big riffin' rock ala KISS on some songs and the atmospheric charge ala early Echo & the Bunnymen. While that may sound like a total trainwreck of good things that are good on their own but not good together (like ice cream on pizza), this works really well and makes these guys pretty special in my view.

An extra treat was the set-closing cover of Pavement's "Here." As much as I love the song's melodies, I find the rather doomy-but-not-so-serious line of "I was dressed for success/but success it never comes" always relatable. Not to be melodramatic, but it's an echo that many post-education, pre-responsibility-filled adults can relate to. Seeing this song done faithfully to the original (but with some extra sparks added in), along with an extended outro featuring friends of the band coming up on stage and trading instruments, was the biggest highlight of the show.

Tonight's another show at the Double Wide with the Happy Bullets and the Tah Dahs. I hope I don't stain my neck, but strain or no strain, it shall be a good time.