Sunday, July 23, 2006

A night with the Lost Generation

I can't remember the last time I saw a six-band bill, but this was the case for last night's Lost Generation show at the Double Wide. We played first to a decent-sized crowd at around 9. Thankfully nobody cried foul about us playing the same set we've played at our last three shows. Thankfully nobody threw eggs at me when I completely lost the beat at one point during our first song. I think it's safe to say the night started off well.

Record Hop was up next. I had seen them play a few times before and enjoyed them, but wasn't bowled over by them. Now with a different drummer from when I saw them last, they really impressed me. Yes, their guitars sound like something that is perfect for stoner rock or greasy rock 'n' roll, but they are neither. They rock with a smart sense of dissonance, dense melodies and pure riffin'. I had the pleasure of talking with Ashley and Scott following their set and found both of them incredibly kind and genuine. For me, these are the marks of another band to check out whenever they play live.

I missed part of Jack with One Eye's set, but did catch a few songs. One that really impressed me paired My Bloody Valentine-like swirling guitars over a delicate slow-dance feel. I can't say I was as impressed with them as I was with Record Hop, but I wasn't turned off by what I heard or saw.

With half of Jack with One Eye's line-up also in the Falkon, the change-over wasn't long. The band has morphed over many years led by Wanz and this was a one-off reunion show. I had never seen the Falkon or the Falkon Project from back in the day, so I had no real idea what to expect. I had seen Wanz go apeshit with the Black Arm Band and go out there with Mazinga Phaser II, but again, I had no idea what to expect with the Falkon's set.

Well, the Falkon's set was more like the Black Arm Band (complete with Wanz going into the audience) and that was a good thing. Yeah, this could be seen as loose and sloppy rock 'n' roll, but it's fine with me. I can't think of another band that could cover Nick Cave and make it sound like a KISS song.

Despite being a sight to see, I was pooped by the time the Falkon was finished. Blame it on the lack of a proper dinner or just general tiredness, but I headed home. I missed the Strange Boys and Pleasant Grove, but I hope I'll see them sometime in the near future.

Overall, the turnout for the show was very good. The whole place (including the patio and both bar areas) was packed. With a $5 cover charge, a six-band bill was a pretty sweet deal and I'm glad so many people came out. I don't know how the Double Wide is fairing with their money issues, but I'm so happy that it's still around.


fuzzbuzz said...
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fuzzbuzz said...

It was nice to see you guys again! I hadn't seen you since Josh joined the band. Very good set, I didn't notice the beat got scrambled.
That had to have been the best performance I had seen Wanz put on. good stuff going on and I have a feeling Double Wide is doing allright if they keep cool stuff like that on their calendars.

Rj said...

Shit, I missed you guys. I got there right before Record Hop played. I decided sort of last minute to head out to the doublewide instead of the Midlake show.

I ended up leaving at the same exact time. Partly due to the person I went with had shit to do in the morning. I'll write up a bit of a review on my blog, either later tonight, or tomorrow morning.