Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Everyday I Write the Book

Details are scant at the moment, but as of last night, I've begun writing another book. Unlike Post, it will be fiction, but it's heavily based on personal experiences. The idea has been brewing ever since my trip to Chicago in October 2005 and I finally got the motivation to start writing it. This time, there was no pile of shingles hitting my head or anger towards a certain book on the topic. I just couldn't stop thinking about this and wanted to put words onto a page.

There's no title or deadline, but it's a fun little project to work on right now. If you want some ideas as to what it's about, let me share with you a passage from Post centered around No Idea Records' Var Thelin:

Thelin saw plenty of bands play together for four or five years, write lots of songs and usually turn into something special. But by the time that happened, they were gone; usually because the band members graduated college and left town. “At best, you’d be left with one demo tape that they’d recorded in someone’s bedroom,” he says.

Stay tuned on this and Post in the coming weeks.


Dan London said...

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steve said...

Really! Sounds cool!

Eric said...

Can't wait to hear more dude!