Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Better Than the Movie

Last Saturday the Tah-Dahs played their final show (or Roy's final show as a Dallas-ite before he and Laura move to Chicago), thus ending one of my favorite local bands' tenures. I can't say that I'm sad that the band is no more -- but I don't mean that in a negative way. I saw them play over twenty times in the last five years, so it wasn't a situation where I just found out about a great band who just broke up.

Since the first time I saw them (Red Blood Club, when Ashburne Glen opened for them) to last Saturday at the Amsterdam Bar, I was never let down. Using terms like "nervy," "spastic" and "tight" only give a glimpse as to what it was like to see them play. Something about the mix of smart, albeit random, pop culture banter with these songs always made for a sight to see.

Now, not to sound like some scene codger that says things just won't be the same, but things will be a little different for me. As great as Le Fun and Mein So-Called Kampf are, there was just something special about the live show. Since there won't be any more shows, there is something lacking here in Dallas, but I'm glad the band was around long enough to play so many times. All too often a band gets something really special going, and then they split for various reasons. Frankly I'm thankful I did get to see them.

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