Three random bits

Some updates on stuff I've blogged about in the last few months, weeks, and days:

--The mice situation is still in place at our house. They love Juliet's dog food, and will do anything to get it. We got a plastic container for the dog food, but still, they've tried to gnaw their way into that. So, based on a suggestion from a friend of ours, I took small baggies (smaller than sandwich bags) and put some dog food in them. I also put small shavings of Tomcat rodent poison in them. I placed the bags in the most highly-traveled spots for the mice (the utility room and behind the oven), but away from Juliet's reach. The bags have quickly disappeared, and if I find one, it's empty merely hours after I put it out there. I've had some success so far as our utility room now reeks of a dead mouse.

--Still no release date or any word about the availability of Post. The last time I blogged about the book, I heard something the following day. Let's hope that happens tomorrow.

--Because of the scattered showers today, I did a relatively intensive workout on Wii Fit. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I would get a workout while playing a video game, aka, something that's so synonymous with coach potato-dom.