Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When your mind's made up

I find it hard sometimes to get a full sentence out when someone interrupts me with his or hers negative feelings about an album, book, or movie. Be it a groan of displeasure or a bunch of harsh words, I tend to get sidetracked when trying to say something. Of course, this all carries over into internal conversations, and things can get very nerve-wracking. Why can't I say what I want to say and not be interrupted by a naysayer?

I've long thought that why I love blogging is because people don't interrupt me when I talk about something that I like. I know there are plenty of people who absolutely despise Jersey Girl, St. Anger, and Journey (pre- and post-Steve Perry). But I don't have to worry about someone coming into my space, knocking my keyboard out of my way, and turning off my computer when I blog about how much I love these bands, albums, and movies. I have all the time and space to think and write what I want, but is this really conquering my difficulty?

If I were to describe my stopping mid-thought process, it would be like a door slamming in my face or suddenly finding myself talking to a wall. I tend to think that whatever positive things I have to say will not be acknowledged by the person I'm talking to. So I figure stop talking because there's no use in talking about something that the other person won't listen to.

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swirly girl said...

Like I used to tell me friends when they used to ask why I blogged: "I talk, you have to listen. Fun for us all!"