Tuesday, March 03, 2009

After Post

Currently, I have no plans to re-release Post with updates on the bands that I featured. There's a reason why it has "1985-2007" in the title: that's the timeline I mainly covered in my research. Some things happened in 2008 that happened either right before or right after the book came out, like Hot Water Music and the Get Up Kids reuniting. Now in 2009, some big news has come forward: not only did Jimmy Eat World perform Clarity in its entirety on a special tour, but Blake Schwarzenbach's new band, the Thorns of Life, shall record their debut album with J. Robbins.

To me, it's not about being the most up-to-date on everything a band has done. Rather, Post is an attempt to explain why these bands are so revered in the first place.

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