Thursday, August 06, 2009

What are The Whispers?

As enjoyable as it was to read this list of fifteen mysteries the final season of LOST "must answer," a part of me had to say, "Oh, come on." Even though the final season of the show doesn't start until my nieces turn three and I reach the one year anniversary of my thirtieth birthday, I can't help but think about what we will see. And also, what we'll have to figure out for ourselves.

Maybe because we never get all the answers to life while we're living, there's a desire to know all the answers with the TV shows and movies we watch. In the case of finding out Libby's backstory, I seem to be in a minority that frankly doesn't think there needs to be more backstory told. Damon Lindelof even ironed everything out in a recent interview, and I'm satisfied with his answer. Maybe because the audience was teased with a possibility for more info about her, given her abrupt departure from the show, is why this is.

I have no idea where the final season will go, but knowing what I've seen in the past with the show, payoffs are a plenty if you look hard enough. Hell, even rewatching an episode from the first season after watching all of the episodes so far gives way to so many layers. And that's why this show is so compelling. And hopefully didn't all happen on Earth B in the DC alternate universe.

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