Monday, April 09, 2012

Get Out of Dodge

It might sound laughable to take a small vacation during a post-layoff period, but that's what I'm taking next weekend. A layoff isn't necessarily a vacation anyway. Alas, when a random invitation for a get-together in Chicago came my way, I decided to go. Finding a good flight and hotel deal, I decided to take the leap.

I've heard of people who drive across the country or backpack all over Europe in hopes of "finding" themselves. I don't look down on that, but it's not something I've considered doing. Getting out of town for a few days is good, but not more than a few days. I can't leave behind a good homelife with plenty of new opportunities brewing.

There are days when I'm climbing the walls at my house. I have plenty of books to read, movies to watch, and albums to listen to, but as plum as that might sound, that's the kind of stuff I can experience any time. When life is going on outside of the walls, I'd be foolish to pass that up.

Leading up to my departure flight on Friday morning, I'm taking in a couple of big shows and hanging out with friends. This will be a full week of activities, and I hope to come back from Chicago with a clearer head. Besides, sometimes we need to step away to understand what's happening next.

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